What Is Conscious Sedation?

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White Tooth Dental Takeaways:

Concious sedation (whether minimal, moderate or deep) can be used for *any* dental treatment that you find causes you anxiety to think about- anything from regular dental cleanings up to extraction surgery and everything in between. There are potential risks involved in any kind of treatment, but if you are someone that dreads dental visits, enough to be preventing you from attending regular appointments or that cause you to lose sleep the night before, some level of sedation is a fantastic option to consider! Not all dentists and offices are certified to be able to offer any kind of sedation, and there is a different level of certification required to be able to offer minimal (inhalation nitrous oxide or an oral pill) vs moderate (inhalation nitrous oxide plus an oral pill, or stronger dose oral pill or medication IV) vs deep sedation (larger doses of multiple medications by IV). At White Tooth Dental we are happy to be able to provide minimal sedation by inhalation (nitrous oxide) to help make your appointments as stress-free as possible. Should you be interested in a deeper level of sedation, we would be happy to find a specialist who can take excellent care of you.