Oral health for children

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White Tooth Dental Takeaways:

Something I always like to stress to parents is - toothbrushing is not optional! It can be stressful and challenging while you and your little one are getting used to the routine. But it is important to view it as vital a part of your child’s hygiene routines as diaper changing and bathing. They may not like it, but it has to happen, and eventually they will at least tolerate it, if not enjoy it!

The treatment of dental cavities and infections is the number one reason children are “put to sleep” (general anesthesia) in North America. Proper oral hygiene is an important part of minimizing the need for this. Your dentist (or pediatric dentist) would be more than happy to review some strategies for getting into a routine and “over the hump” of resistance, so make sure to bring your child in for their first visit “within 6 months of the first tooth erupting or by 12 months old (whichever comes first)”