Children: 5 tips to take good care of their small teeth

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White Tooth Dental Takeaways:

An excellent overview of how to best take care of your child’s teeth!

A key point to note: oral hygiene routines for children should include both tooth brushing and flossing. Toothbrushing should not only be monitored but a caregiver should be “re-brushing” or “pre-brushing” the child’s teeth with each toothbrushing session (twice a day!). Additionally, this assistance should be provided until the child shows they have the fine motors skills necessary to do a good job: eat neatly with utensils or write in cursive - usually around 8 years old. 

Flossing should be introduced as soon as two neighbouring teeth touch - which can be as young as 6 months. Even when there is space between teeth, it is helpful to introduce the habit as young as possible to establish a good routine!