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Why did you decide to become a dentist?

“It offered me the perfect combination of biology and creativity, being able to use both my hands and my brain every day, the opportunity to help people and actually see the results of that help in real time!”

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Dr. Pahuta attended the University of Toronto for her HonBSc, and continued her professional education at the University of British Columbia for her DMD (Doctor of Medical Dentistry). Dr. Pahuta completed her General Practice Residency at Mt Sinai Hospital, Toronto, and she has been in private practice ever since!

In her free time, Dr. Pahuta enjoys spending time with her family- her husband Aaron and three-year-old daughter, Adeline.

Dr. Pahuta and her family welcomed another girl to the family- Celeste- in October 2021- she looks forward to welcoming the newest WTD family member.

If Harry Potter counts as a “Super Hero,” that would be her favorite! Dr. Pahuta loves Harry Potter because “he’s truly magic and a brave, up-standing person who does the right thing no matter how difficult it may be.”

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Why do you love being a dental hygienist?

“Recalling a favourite moment where I have helped someone is overwhelming. For over 35 years I have had the privilege of taking care of generations within families of this practice.”

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Mary graduated from George Brown College in the Dental Hygiene Programme in 1981. The dental field attracted her primarily because it was health related. Mary was always drawn towards health care. Dental hygiene proved to be a perfect fit. She loves working in a profession which gives her the opportunity to be intellectual, meticulous and empathic.

Mary loves working with families through the generations. The office’s “Smile Board” displays photos of our young clients taken after their dental check-up visits. Many parents of these children recognize it from their childhood visits to this same office.

If Mary could be a “Super Hero,” she would be Elastigirl! Mary admires her because she is strong, FLEXIBLE, and can multi-task. She gets the job done. And…she is the only adult Superhero referred to as girl!

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Ceri Poulter, DA

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Dental Assistant Toronto

Kelvin Lin, Sterilization Assistant/Front Desk

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1) What year did you start in dentistry?

2) Why did you get into the dental field?
Along with learning something new every day about oral health and hygiene, the field of dentistry allows you to meet people and build valuable relationships with the patients that you work with. It is a terrific opportunity to challenge yourself and work on your skills for the goal of making a difference in peoples lives.

3) Why did you become a FDA/RDH/CDA?
I became a front desk float and sterilization assistant because as a Dental Hygiene student, I wanted to work in an environment where I am surrounded by experienced dental professionals, and to gain valuable experience by learning what it takes to be a successful dental health care provider.

4) What's your favourite moment helping someone?
My favourite moment helping someone would be seeing how confident and happy they become after a visit, especially if they were feeling unsure/anxious about their visit to the dental office.

5) What is one interesting, unexpected thing about you?
I have a very small pet hamster that likes to sleep in a miniature bath tub.

6) Who is your favourite superhero and why?
My favourite superhero would be Batman from The Dark Knight because he shows the world what you can accomplish when you decide to face your greatest fears.

7) Position and Qualifications
Front Desk Float and Steri Assistant